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Andrea and Preslava – the first pop-folk singers in the Kreml Palace

Two of the most successful bulgarian singers – Andrea and Preslava sang in front of russian audience in Moscow Kreml. The singers were invited to participate in the huge concert – Tashi Show. The Payner singers were the only bulgarian performers (after the one and only Lili Ivanova) who had the chance to sing on the stage of the palace and to perform before the great audience at the lavish event. It will be aired on their biggest radio show on Vostok FM. Besides the bulgarian divas there were lots of others russian and armenian stars.

During their stay in the russian capital, Kubrat Pulev’s love and Preslava didn’t forget to attend a few shopping centers. The two singers decided to do some shopping therapy and to stack on some of the latest trends and to buy gifts for loved ones.