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Andrea was awarded International Excellence for Balkan Star

“Beogradski pobednik” or “Belgrade Winner” is one of the biggest events that each year award performers from all genres in Serbia. The awards are distributed by a jury that measures the hits by popularity and internet views. The name of the event kind of gives it all up. The spectacle is traditionally held in Belgrade.

This year the event was conducted in “Union Home” in downtown Belgrade. Among the winners were Mile Kitic, Neda Ukraden, Stoja, Sako Polumenta and other performers know in Bulgaria as the old school celebs. The international award was given to Andrea.


She was awarded because of her numerous fan covers of her songs, most popular in Bulgaria and because of her many performances in serbian clubs. “Balkan Star” was written on the award which said enough for Andrea. The audience bursted into applause when Andrea got on stage and sang with her while she was performing “Neblagodaren”. Andrea once again got invited for numerous duets. She also gave interviews for DM SAT, Pink TV, Palma and a few stations in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia which also aired the event.

Due to the huge interest and short stay she gave interviews for live shows. The public gave her heads up and wished her a lot of success and many more hits to come.