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Birthdate: 23.01.1987
Zodiac: Aquarius

Teodora Rumenova Andreeva /Andrea/ is born and raised in Sofia, Bulgaria.

From very early age, she is interested in different kind of arts: Music, painting and ballet. Her family has rich background in the music industry. Her grandmother Todorka Ahtarova e is ex-ballerina and long-time assistant director in NT “Ivan Vazov”. The grandmother’s cousin is Boris Karadimchev.
The great-grandmother is ex-violinist and great-grandfather- Mihail Ahtarov is conductor of the choir “Kaval”.

The other great-grandmother were soloist in “Renesans” theatre together with unforgettable Mimi Balkanska. Ivan Vazov himself was impressed by her performances and personally congratulated her on her performances.
Since a child Andrea is singing and taking solfeggio and piano lessons from there aunt who is opera singer and former soloist of the Vratsa opera.
She learns to play guitar from her grandfather, who, along with the old high school memories of the boys’ groups who once created it, handed over all the puzzles and urban songs from their repertoire.
All this is combined with a classical ballet school that Andrea is recording at the age of four.

Biggest Andrea’s passion is painting. She paints until her thirteenth anniversary in specialised school. Subsequently, instead of the high school of arts, she went to English High School and finally refused to professionally engage in fine art.

During her studies at the First Private English Language School “William Shakespeare” she enrolled in Mrs. Baltakova’s Folk Singing Choir (about 15 years). Andrea has been singing in the choir for about two years and has won many awards.
At the age of sixteen, Andrea began to devote herself seriously to music: singing and solfeggio lessons. She also received a proposal to record an album, but in the field of Bulgarian pop music.

2002: At age 15 the singer won the title “Miss Sofia 2002”.

2005: She won only three competitions for only one season. After the first competition she became a face of Xground and signed a contract with the fashion agency. Then she won the prize “Super Model of the Viewers” and “Supermodel of Vodka Flirt” at the competition “Supermodel of Bulgaria”, aswell as the right to participate in the competition “Miss Tourism Bulgaria 2005”, where she is the winner. Only for a year she became one of the most sought and desirable models. In spite of the lightning-fast career and series of commercials, reviews and photos, Teddy accepts modelling as a hobby and begins to pursue a musical realisation.

2006: In May, she graduated from secondary school in William Shakespeare, as well as the 11 year study of German at “Alliance Bulgaria” – Goethe Institute. A month after graduating from high school, Andrea makes her first steps in the music industry. In June she released her debut song “ Kato nepoznat ”, and in August her debut clip. Shot at the black sea side and in Boyana movie studio.

Then the idea of her artistic nickname – ANDREA (from the singer’s family) appeared. In August, the video spins on all music TVs and quickly turns into a summer hit.
It has been ordered repeatedly on all radio stations. Andrea becomes an advertising face of Vodka “Select” and her face is on all billboards across the country. In October 2006, Andrea became the Best Woman of the wedding of Azis and Niki Kitaetza along with her colleague Desislava.
In October 2006, she appeared on the cover of magazine “MAXIM”.
By the end of the year the singer signed a contract with Payner and in December released her song “Ne sum takava” – a cover of Lepa Brenna’s famous song.

2007: Andrea made 3 videos to the songs “Hladna nejnost” (with special guest with her boyfriend Kubrat Pulev), “Bez teb” i “Krasiva luja” She is filmed in one of Planeta Mobile’s most popular ads, along with Emilia, Gergana, Galena and Boris Dalli. For the first time he participated in two concerts on the big stage of the National Palace of Culture: “Good friends meeting” where he performed his song “Hladna nejnost” and “6 years Planeta TV” with the song “Bez teb”.

2008:In March, the debut album “(Ogun v kruvta)” is released. The album includes 14 songs. In the same month the video for the song “Strah” comes out. In the same month, Andrea made a promotion on the album by collecting many of her colleagues.
Two of her new songs became popular Andrea quickly recorded TV versions of “Falshivo shtastie” and “Nqma te“, respectively in April and May 2008.
In June, Andrea released a stunning clip on the song “I have no reason”, with a true film storyline. In the same month, the young singer made an unexpected step – she shot for the cover of the erotic Playboy.
In July and August, Andrea takes part in Payner’s “Planeta Derby Plus” tour. She opens concerts with a glamorous show.
At the show with her own ballet, Andrea goes on stage in a glass pyramid. In the mix includes the songs: “Nyamam prichina“, “Hladna nejnost“, “Ne sum takava“ (Chick Chick) and her duo with Costi “Samo moi“.
In August, Andrea’s first duo video, along with Romanian star Costi Ionita, goes out to the song “Samoi moi“. While it comes out in the heat of the summer, the song quickly becomes a hit. According to the chart “Planet HIT 50”, the song becomes “Hit of the Summer”.
Andrea participates in the “7 Years TV Planet 2008” concert by performing her summer hit with Costi – “Samo moi“. Manages to record two more video clips to the songs “Nai-velik” and “Dai mi vsichko“.

2009: At the beginning of the year, Andrea launched a new project. “Sahara” is the name of the international group in which the singer participates.
The band is formed between her, Costi Ionita and Lenox Brown. The first song of the trio is “Izbiram teb“ for the Bulgarian market and “Tyalee” for the international stage. In English, the song is released by the Romanian company Cat Music. The song became a successful project in many countries, later Serdar Ortac himself made a Turkish version again with the participation of a Sahara group. In February, Andrea participated in the 7th Music Awards of TV Planeta where she won the Duet of the Year for their duet with Costi “Samo moi“. At the ceremony, Andrea performed the song “Izbiram teb“.
In March, Andrea won two awards: “Duet Song of the Year 2008” and “Vocal Formation of the Year 2008” together with Costi. In the same month, Radio “Romantika” gave the award for “The Most Progressive Love Artist of 2008”.
In the spring, Andrea realeased the song “Men si tursil“.
In the summer, Andrea became an advertising face of Mastika Peshtera and filmed an ad in which she partnered with the actor Kalin Vrachanski. Together with him, Andrea shines on all billboards all over the country.

In June a video appears on the screen of the song “Upotrebena”, the song is a duet with Costi, but the biggest scandal provokes her kiss with the erotic model Nikoleta Lozanova. The video remains the most watched video created by a bulgarian on Youtube with about 30 000 000 views.
At the heat of the summer she took part in the “Planeta Derby 2009” tour – it proved to be one of the most successful for her career and again managed to blow the audience with strong hits and show on a world level along with her own ballet. The mix and hits included: “Upotrebena”, “Men si tursil”, “Samo moi“ ,”Dai mi vsichko”, “Izbiram teb”, and “Moqta poroda“. Then Andrea goes to England where she took part in the movie “Mission London”, starring a poor girl from the Russian mafia. In the stage he is partnering with Pavel Chernev (politician). This is the first film role of the singer.
At the end of the summer, Sahara (Andrea, Costi and Buppi) released their next clip to “Moqta poroda“. It is also a duet with the Romanian performer Geo Da Silva.
The song again has an English version of “Bellezza”, released by Cat Music. For the second time, the Sahara group also took part in the Turkish version of the song, sung by Serrad Ortak. The Sahara band presents their english songs on all National Romanian broadcasts – Kanal D, PRO TV, Antena 1 and others. At the end of the year, Andrea takes part in the birthday party on TV Planet “8 Years Planet TV”, performing the songs “Upotrebena” and “Izluji me“. She managed to release her second solo album “Men si tursil“. It includes 10 songs, 8 of which are produced by Costi, and 2 by greek authors. Together with the album comes the video clip to the song “Izluji me”.
During the year Andrea created more than five total hits, managed to impose a new wave of music style, dominating with modern sound and innovative line of songs. This year, Andrea managed to make the best clips and became one of the few artists who knew how to make a real show on stage.

2010:At the beginning of the year, she again participated in the “8 Music Awards of TV Planet” and grabs the dreamed award for “The Most Progressive Performer of 2009”.
At the ceremony, Andrea performed the song “S teb da budded pak“. Afterwards she received Two awards from “Nov folk”magazine, for “Best Hits 2009” and “Successes Abroad 2009” and Radio “Romantika” award for “Lover of the Listeners for 2009”.
Andrea makes her first hit for the year, “S teb da budem pal“ or as the fans of the performer call “I take natatuk.”
In the summer, Andrea becomes once again an advertising face of Mastika Peshtera. This time she partnered with her colleague Galena and together they created the first women’s duet – Blqsuk na kristali. The video is extremely rich in effects and relies on provocation. Both shine together on all billboards all over the country.
Immediately afterwards, she also filmed one of the biggest hits of the year – “Neblagodaren”.

The song becomes a favourite of the music fans, not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans, and in the following years it acquires different covers in many languages. Andrea participates in the 20-year Payner concert and once again blows up the audience, this time with her own ballet and her hit “Neblagodaren”. In 2010 Lenox Brown left the Sahara Group. Only Andrea and Costi Ionita remain in it. Shortly thereafter, Andrea goes to Miami, where she and Costi shoot their latest international project, “I Wanna,” in duo with french DJ Bob Sinclair and world reggae artist Shaggy. The song was distributed by Yellow Production and the Ministry of Sound Australia. He has managed to enter the top charts of Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.

In the summer, Andrea takes part for the third time on the “Planeta Derby 2010” summer tour and makes a show again with her own ballet. Here she plays a mix of the songs “Upotrobena”, “Men si tursil“, “Samo men“, “Dai mi vsichko”, “Izbiram teb“ and “Moqta poroda“.
The second international project of Sahara appears in the world. Andrea and Costi sing in duet with producer Puff Daddy – Mario Winans. The song is called “Mine” and is distributed by Warner Music Denmark. In the autumn, Andrea makes the most recent offer for the Bulgarian market “Haide opa”. The song enjoys enormous viewing – 12,000,000 times on Youtube, making Andrea’s biggest hit. Thanks to this song, Andrea became popular in all countries of the former Yugoslavia. The song acquires dozens of coverings in Croatian, Serbian, Albanian, Hebrew and others.

At the end of the year, Andrea takes part in the 9th annual
“Planet TV” concert, and opens the concert with the song “Haide opa” and performing the song “Ne pravi tiq raboti“ along with Ilian.

In December, Andrea released her latest video featuring Ilian on their duet song, as well as a singing song “Kusai etiketi“.

Together with the last song she made her third solo album and named it “Andrea”. It features 12 songs. She makes a promotion for the second time in her career, and she calls it “Angeli i demoni“. The promotion takes place in a capital city and is one of the largest in the genre. All the colleagues of the performer are present. In 2010, Andrea became the only pop folk singer to make joint projects with world-class performers who are reaping successes around the world.

2011: From the beginning of the year, she managed to get a lot of awards. The TV Planet Awards received a prize for “Breakthrough on the World Music Stage” and “Album of the Year” – “Andrea”.

At the “Nov Folk” Awards, she won “Successes Abroad”, “Original Stage Presence” and “Special Prize for Best Singer”. At the Radio “Romantika” Awards she won the “2010 Love Album – Andrea”. At the 9th annual music awards of TV Planet, she managed to present a spectacular show featuring a mix of songs – “Ne gi pravi tiq raboti“ and “Kusai etiketa“.
In 2011, Andrea made her first international concerts, including Belgium, New York, Istanbul, Cyprus, Amsterdam and others. Some of the greatest Romanian artists, such as Andrea Banica and Akcent, have identified her as the most famous performer in her homeland. Andrea has been leading for three months in a popular Romanian broadcast of one of UTV’s biggest music televisions UTOPS. Andrea’s international projects are rooted in all discos around the world.

The invitation is not late and Andrea, together with her duo partner Costi, are invited as special guests at Turkish Music Awards – “Türkiye Müzik Ödüller”, where they meet the most recent names in Turkish music.

Andrea’s first project this year is “Champagne,” where she and Costi make a duet again with Shaggy.
The song turns around the world.
Balkan remix of the song was released. (Spain), (Russia), (England) put the song of Andrea with Shaggy “Champagne” on their sites and charts. The song “I wanna” becomes one of the most favourite songs for the Fashion TV Channel defile, and “Champagne” is most desired for fashion parties. Andrea released her next song, namely “Na eks“ in a duet with the “Orkestur kristal”. The song became a hit not only in Bulgaria but also in the Balkans. She presents the song “Iskam teb“ at the TV Planeta Spring Party. In the summer, Andrea pulls out one of her strongest projects. The song “Dokrai” became a total hit for the year. “Dokrai” was nominated by fans as the best video of the year !
Andrea is on the cover of the international fashion magazine “Donna Salon International”. She became part of the latest advertising campaign for cosmetics of “Chstiano of Roma” and became an official advertising face of the company. In the autumn, the song “Predai se“ with Boris Soltariiski is also released. The video clip, directed by Martin Makariev, is like a mini-movie. In the winter comes the latest video of the performer in a duet with Boris Dali – “Edno”.
He surprised his admirers especially for Christmas with the ballad “Skitnicite”, with the special participation of the opera singer Stefano, and the second song received its premiere at the Bulgarian Christmas Charity Event. Andrea also shoots a Christmas TV version to another ballad – “Ne ti go kazvam” – which is being broadcast on Christmas peak. She managed to present herself on the 10th birthday of “TV Planet”, later that year. During the show, she perform “Na eks”, “Dokrai” and the beautiful performance of “Predai se“, along with Boris Soltariiski.

2012: Andrea begins the year with one of the most scandalous clips in the history of pop folk. In the video to the song “Losha”, directed by Martin Makariev, Andrea is crucified. The video resembles the movie “300” and is the most expensive video clip ever.

On the day of the release, Andrea released her fourth album “Losha”. The promotion to the album and the video goes out on the the singer’s birthday eve. The album includes 10 songs.
Andrea goes on the cover of a new erotic magazine, Mr. BIG. At the annual “TV Planeta” Music Awards, Andrea won the “Duet Song of the Year” award for the song “Edno” with Boris Dali and “Best performance in a video” for Boris Soltariiski. There she features a mix of songs “Losha” and “Edno” along with Boris Dali. At the awards of “”, Andrea was awarded the “Most Stylish Star” and the song “Dokrai” was nominated for the “Sexy Hit of the Year”.

The Croatian site folk – has named Andrea as the Most Popular Balkan Star.

At the “Nov Folk” awards, she received a summer hit award for the song “Dokrai”, the duet of the year for the song “Edno” with Boris Dali and “Successes Abroad”. At the Radio “Romantika” awards, she is received a “Love song “ award for”Iskam teb”.
In May, Andrea leaves Sahara and joins Roton’s biggest music company in Romania. She presented her debut single in English “Only you” in duet with Gabriel Davi. In the same year, the biggest Serbian star Ceca Raznatovic shared with the Bulgarian public that the top artists of Bulgaria for her were Andrea and Azis. Andrea visits Belgrade on the Ami G show, where she presents her song “Haide opa“. Andrea also visited Bucharest to present her new international song “Only you” in dozens of Romanian shows – Kanal D, PRO TV and others.

In the summer of 2012, she refuses to sing at the concert, at 2 years of Planeta HD. In June, Andrea puts on the Bulgarian market
one of the biggest hits in her career, namely the duo with Azis “Probvai se”. The song remains the biggest hit-duet in the career of both performers. At the same time, the song “Only you” became the pop hit of summer 2011 on TV City. The same success followed “Probvai se”, but as a pop folk hit. In August, Andrea and Azis released their second duet “Nqma druga“. In September, Andrea becomes the lead of “Shouto na Slavi“, where Azis is her guest.

Andrea’s video “Losha” is included in the video game of PLANETA PAYNER SLOTS ™, cooperation between Payner and CASINO TECHNOLOGY. The games are based on hit titles of the music company – one of which is also “Losha”.

At the end of the year, Andrea presented two new songs “Iskam Iskam,” and “Tuk do men“.
The second song is based on the composition of Albanian composer Flori Mumajesi. Andrea goes to Montenegro for the “Montefolk” awards. They distinguished the performer for “The Most Popular Balkan Star”. Andrea was voted by the website as “The Most Prosperous Bulgarian for 2012”.
In 2012, Andrea made alot of Balkan concerts in Switzerland, Germany and Austria and Slovenia. At the 11th annual year TV Planet Concert, Andrea presents her song with Azis “Probavi se”, as the audience literally explodes on their performance.

2013: At annual music awards TV Planeta, Andrea won “Best disco hit”with the song “Probvai se” feat Azis and “Original Attendance at the Concert Stage” award.
She performed “Losh geroi” and “Probvai se”.

“” handed two awards to the performer – “Video of the Year” for the song “Losha” and “Hit of the Year” for the song “Porbvai se“ (according to the vote of the fans on the Internet).
Andrea won the Best Female Singer Award, and a special award in Belgrade – “Beogradski pobednik”. Distinguish Andrea as “Balkan Star of the Year”.

At the festival in Kralevo (Serbia) – Kraljevski Muziči Festival announce Andrea as “European Artist of the Year”.

The song “Tuko do men“ won first place in the famous turkish ranking – BALKAN HIT 2013. In April Andrea released a video to her song “Losht geroi”.
In the same month, Andrea entered the reality show “Dancing stars” for 2 weeks.
She decides to make a different step by recording a duo with Serbian rap artist Cvija “Pozovi me”. She sang for the first time in Serbian.
In April, the English media “The Guardian” named Andrea as one of the most dignified Bulgarian performers for the Eurovision Song Contest. “The Guardian” writes that the star is among the few singers who quite skilfully combine Turkish and Romanian rhythms in their work. In their opinion, she makes music that can entertain people around the world, no matter what nationality they are, because it stakes both on Balkan rhythm and the modern pop sound.
The singer present the song “Hayati” which is work of Adrian Sina.

Andrea is the bulgarian singer, whose songs have the most cover, such as Serbian, Croatian, Turkish, Romanian, Albanian and Israeli performers. One of Andrea’s most exploited songs in this matter is “Haide opa”, which has eight covers. During the summer, Andrea makes another sharp turn in her career by releasing the hip-hop “Bez okovi“ in a duo with Honn Kong. Later on she appeared in another amplitude. She is leading alongside the famous comedian Dimitar Rachkov in the fashion show “Pricheskata i gradut“.
Later on she shoots another cover for “Playboy” magazine. Photos are took in the greek resort of Santorini, where a music project for the singer – “Nikoi drug“ is recorded. The song ranks among the summer hits 2013.

In autumn, Andrea and her boyfriend Kubrat Pulev, together with the football legend Hristo Stoichkov, Lyubo Neykov, Mitko Dimitrov and Kiril Efremov, participate in the charity exhibition “Da ostavim sledi”. The idea is to sell photos of native stars captured by Velislava Kaymakanova – Nojarova.

The artist takes part in the 12th annual TV Planet concert and presents herself with “Nikoi drug” and “Nqma da sum az”. Andrea released her newest video in November – “Nqma da sum az”. .
In December Andrea made her second Serbian duo with Serbian star MC Yankoo – “Zvuk”. The song became a big hit in Serbia. In the same month, Andrea released her newest video. “Pii edno ot mane“ in a duet with Jenna. The song becomes an instant hit.

2014: At the 12th Annual Music Awards of the Planet TV, Andrea was awarded “Disco hit” for the song “Nqma da sum az“ and “Ambassador of Bulgarian Music Abroad”. At the event the singer presented her duet with Jenna and her latest international project, along with Alek Sandar – “Peaceful Place”.
The international CNN channel has unveiled this year’s Andrea and Alek Sandar’s awards to the Planet Awards, not forgetting to focus on their social cause. The media note the fact that with their performance artists call for world peace, humanity and tolerance from the stage of the event and do not worry about being different, turning back to the commercialism that in recent years seems to permanently shifted the real values. Immediately afterwards, the vide of the song is also released. Reuters gives the right to performers to use their footage relating to world peace and human rights.

On the “Night of the blonde”show, the singer grabbed a “Folk Icon” award. In February, Costi and Andrea’s next international offer – “Chupa Song” – is released. Together, they present the song at the most famous television and radio stations in Bucharest, Romania – Pro TV, Antena 1, Kanal D, Antena 2, Radio 21 and others.

Andrea, who has been the animal protector, is the first popular person to be involved in the initiative Facebook-based civic organization “Zoo-police” to stop animal abuse.
In May, Andrea presented “Nai-dobrata”, the premiere of which was eagerly awaited by the audience. She again managed to impress her fans and the video was determined to be one of the most scandalous in her career. The song became one of Andrea’s biggest hits and was the top spot in many music charts.
Andrea is also the most watched Bulgarian singer on the web. The sum of her video clips exceeds 100 million. On 25th Ball of Top Models she won a Fashion Idol Award in 2014.

2015 At the 13th annual music awards of the Planet TV, Andrea was awarded the “Most Successful International Star”. 11025980_1015181381843937_7766287485725682941_n
At the event the singer presented her song “Nai-dobrata”.

May month Andrea introduced her new song for the international market – “Universal Love” along with Edward Maya. The song became a total hit, one week after the release is in the top chard of the biggest greek, romanian, turkish radio. The biggest spanish and world music channel “Blankoynegro” announces it as one of img_0251
the most successful collaborations, conquering one of the most prestigious radio stations in New York – WBMP-FM.

Shortly after the introduction of Universal Love, Andrea presents her latest pop folk song “Sex za den“ along with Fiki, and Nicoleta Lozanova takes part in the recording of the band.
At the end of May, Andrea began her first overseas tour in USA, where she sang in front of the Bulgarian community in Chicago, New York, Cape Cod, Toronto, Montreal, Las Vegas and Seattle.
September, Andrea was awarded the Best Female Artist of Bulgaria at the Big Apple Music Awards. The award ceremony took place in Hamburg, Germany. The singer presented two of her hit songs: “Neblagodaren” and “Universal Love” in collaboration with Edwuard Maya and Costi.
In November, Andrea officially halts her relationship with Payner.
At the end of the year, Andrea presented her next international project, “Passion”. The international project is a collaboration with the Romanian star Otilia, 12552990_1204316029597137_49936143328858435_n
Costi and the world-famous Shaggy.
On the last day of 2015 on the New year’s eve, the performer promoted the project “Poludei”. The song settled permanently in the playlists of all DJs and became a favourite song for the audience. He heads a number of charts and has an extremely high viewing rate on Youtube.

13921105_1344406118921460_7227663133498587070_n2016г: The summer of 2016 Andrea presents her international project “Love is mine”. The singer is the first Bulgarian star to shoot a video clip for Hollywood, where they have filmed world stars such as Britney Spears, Chris Brown and Nicole Scherzinger.
August, Andrea won two awards: “Best Artist ofdsc02899-2 Bulgaria” and “Best Performer in the Balkans” at the Daf Bama Music Award in Hamburg, Germany. Andrea performed a mix of her biggest hits over the years, “Haide opa“, “Upotrebena” and “Neblagodaren”.
In October of the XIX International Hair and Beauty Festival, Andrea was awarded the “Blue Star Award” for best-maintained vision and hairstyle.
In November, Andrea took part in Russia, where she was on a stage with many celebrities from Russian showbiz, including performers from the music company of the world-famous rapper Timati.
At the peak of Christmas, Andrea presented to her fans the new project “Vischko mi vie“, which is intended for the Bulgarian market. The video was filmed in Los Angeles.

2017 In May, the singer received her international recognition and was awarded the “Best Performer from Bulgaria” at the “Enmoda International Awards Night” in Cyprus. Many other celebrities from around the world, including Faydee and Mohombi, were also awarded.
Beginning in June, Andrea presented her international project “Vitamin”, produced by the Romanian hitmaker Adrian Sina. The song is presented by Roton Music’s largest music company in Romania and broadcasts in over 50 countries.

At the end of August, Andrea promoted “Strogo zabraneno”, in a duet with Susanita. The project has caused a wave of comments and has become one of the favorite songs of summer 2017.

In November, Andrea was awarded the Best Artist Award from Bulgaria at the Daf Bama Music Awards 2017, which was held in Hamburg, Germany. At the awards ceremony she was in the company of some of the most popular Turkish artists – Sinan Akcil, Hande Yener, Ece Seckin and Romanian singer Otilia.

2018 In April, Andrea presented a project titled “Heart Beating Hard,” which is in duo with Albanian star Sergio. The song provoked great interest among fans, and the video gained great popularity in social networks and music sharing sites. The song was also commented on in some of the most famous Albanian media because the singer is one of the most popular Bulgarian artists there.






In June, the singer received two awards, again at an international ceremony. Andrea won the “Best Outperform Award” and “Best European Performer” at the “En Moda International Awards Night 2018”, which took place in Cyprus. Other popular artists from other countries, including Super Sako, Otilia, Faydee, Claydee, Mario Joy, Anda Adam, and others, also attended the awards.


In the last days of September, Andrea promoted the “Miss California” song, which is in collaboration with the Romanian star Mario Joy. This is the second international project in which the singer sings in Spanish. The song’s video was shot in Barcelona, with the song becoming one of the biggest hits of the summer of 2018 and getting a significant number of remix versions.

In November, Andrea received the ”Best Balkan Artist Award” at the BAMA 2018 Awards, which took place in Hollywood City. There the singer ranks among the biggest names in the world music show business.




2019: In the middle of May, Andrea released her first international project of 2019 – “Amor Peligroso”. This is the third single in a row that she performs entirely in Spanish. She shot the video in several locations in the US. “Amor Peligroso” is being aired in some of the biggest music outlets, not only in Bulgaria but abroad as well.

In the end of May she promoted her new single “Kak te iskam” on her official YouTube channel. In a short period of time the single gains huge interest of her fans and the media. It quickly becomes part of the DJs playlists. “Kak te iskam” is currently heading some local music charts and is surely becoming one of the hits of summer 2019.


In the middle of June, Andrea gets another international award. The singer was selected as “Best Bulgarian Artist” at the annual awards of one of the most popular magazines in Northern Cyprus – “En Moda”.  Artists from different countries, including Anda Adam, Mario Joy, Claydee and other popular celebrities from all around the world took part of the ceremony.

In October, Andrea presents her duet song with Krum – “Men mi stiga”. The track make it’s premiere online by receiving many positive reviews from fans and aired on some of the most popular Bulgarian music channels.




2020: At the beginning of the year, Andrea realizes another international project. Which is entitled “Soledad”. The song has a very modern sound, performed entirely in Spanish and is intended again for the foreign audience. The premiere of the video is on the YouTube channel of the popular Romanian label – “Jhaps Records” and generates a lot of views from all around the world.

In the middle of March, Andrea presents her second international project of the year. The song is titled “Gimme Your Love” and is in collaboration with world-renowned American songwriter and producer Corey Chorus, who has worked with Rihanna, Dan Balan, Demi Lovato and many others. The project has a very modern sound and had a great interest from the first day of its premiere. Towards the end of April, Andrea made a cover version of the emblematic song of the great Pasha Hristova – “Povei vetre”. The cover premiered on Andrea’s official YouTube channel, receiving a wave of positive comments and congratulations for her big step to perform this difficult, but at the same time so beloved by generations of Bulgarians song.

At the end of June, Andrea won the award for “Best Video of the Year 2019”. The glamorous ceremony was the fourth awards ceremony of the “Lifestyle Awards 2019”, which brought together the most popular stars of the Bulgarian show business in one place.

In the last days of July, Andrea promoted her new project called – “Egoist” . The song and the video are one of the most personal and emotional projects in her career. The single quickly became the most favorite of the audience and became one of the hits of summer 2020. “Egoist” occupies the top positions in the most popular native radio charts and ranks and it’s among one of the biggest hits of the singer.

At the end of November, Andrea and Kubrat Pulev made a photo session and are theface of vodka “Tsar”. The photos were taken in the royal palace Vrana, located on the outskirts of Sofia. The session was shot by a famous Slovenian photographer – Tibor Golob, who shot some of Andrea’s latest projects. The ad provoked numerous reactions among the people and decorated numerous billboards across the country.


2021: In January, Andrea presents “Ven Pa Ca”. The song is intended for the international market, where the singer sings entirely in Spanish. “Ven Pa Ca” is gaining great popularity and is aired on a lot of music TV channels and radios not only in our country but also in other European countries. The video for the single is again very provocative and sustained in the style of the singer.

In the first days of August, Andrea was invited as a special guest at a glamorous event on the occasion of the First Annual Summer Ball of “Desizo Monni Exclusive Club” in Pleven. The singer sings on one stage with some of the emblematic stars of the Bulgarian stage, Orlin Goranov, Kristina Dimitrova and many other performers.


At the end of August, Andrea became part of the jury in the competition “Mr. Bulgaria” 2021. The Gala evening was held in Golden Sands. The singer and the rest of the prestigious jury chose the winner after a long and contested race. Adrian Sina was one of the other surprises invited to be part of the glamorous competition. The Akcent star sent a special greetings to Andrea, with one of his big hits “Amor Gitana”.

In September, Andrea presented “Lights” on her official YouTube channel. “Lights” is in collaboration with Josh X, who is a producer of Cardi B and Stevie Wonder. He is known to the general public with his total hit “Heaven On My Mind”. And with this project, Andrea and Josh X submitted for a world hit, as the song gained great popularity and was broadcasted in many Bulgarian and world radio stations, which are mostly for modern pop music.